Compare PostgreSQL database with MySQL

These databases are widely used in open source applications or are used in web applications due to their low space and lightweight, and are also optimized for proprietary applications.

The MySQL database is a bit faster but has fewer features, but Postgresql takes advantage of it, especially when used for open source applications. MySQL is more popular among developers for its speed and ease of use, but Postgresql is more convenient for developers working with oracle or Microsoft SQL and has similar RDBMSs.

MySQL has been used in most popular sites like Wikipedia, Flickr, Google (exclusive search), YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.


The following are some of the features of these two databases:

  • Designing:

Postgresql is designed seamlessly, but MySQL is two layers, the first layer being the SQL layer and the second layer being the storage engine.

  • Speed​​:

Monitoring the speed of these two databases is difficult because they each employ different algorithms to improve their speed.

  • Ease of use:

Postgresql is mostly based on professional staff but MySQL is well known for its ease of use.

  • Reliability:

PostgreSQL is more reliable than MySQL because of its ACID structure.



Although each of these databases has its own advantages and disadvantages, the goal is to use the most important reason for selecting each one. If you are thinking of designing a proprietary software package, PostgreSQL might be better suited to Oracle, but if you are considering using other open source projects, use MySQL.

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