how to create MySQL database in cPanel

First Login the Cpanel with Username and Password

click on the MySQL Databases menu in the Databases section:


Type the database name in new Database to  which database you need to Create New Database, click on the Create Database button: 


The database is created and ready to use.


The successfully created database in MySQL


To create a MySQL User, in under the Create new MySQL database. MySQL Users > Add New User and enter the username you wish to assign to your database. Once done, choose a secure password and password (again) for MySQL User and type it into the corresponding fields.


if you need to Generate password.


Successfully create a user.


We Create both MySQL Database and MySQL User created. Now we need to assign MySQL User to the database and set proper privileges. Once done, simply click on the Add button:


when click the Add button, you will need to set correct privileges to the MySQL User. so you simply need to choose the All Privileges option and click on the Make Changes button:

Manage User Privileges

User: _vmgate



finished, you will get the message, that the MySQL User was successfully added to the Database:

you can simply go back to the MySQL Databases menu and check the Current Databases add here down.



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