How to install couchbase server on windows

Couchbase Server, is an open-source, distributed (shared-nothing architecture) multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database software package that is optimized for interactive applications.

1. Go web browser and download Link

2. Downloadd Couchbase Server

    1. Choose the edition you want to download
    2. Choose a platform (OS) and download Couchbase Server

3.  Run setup to install the Couchbase Server setup

4. Couchbase Server setup preparing the Installation file


5. Couchbase server will be installed and ready to use


6. Select the location where do you install the Couchbase Server


7. Couchbase Server requirement

     1. Minimum RAM required : 4 GB
     2. System RAM configured :  3 GB
     3. Minimum number of processors required: 4 cores
     4. Number of processors on the system : 2 cores

8.installing Couchbase Server on C drive location


9. Update your Firewall ports

Please note that you have to update your firewall configuration to allow connections to the following ports
4369,8091,8094,9100 to 9105,9998,9999,11209 to 11211,11214,11215,18091 to 18093 and form 21100 to 21299

10. Couchbase Server Installation Complete


11. Couchbase Server Dashboard

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