Introducing The CouchDB Database


CouchDB is also a member of the NoSQL family, and it can be said that there are differences between families.

CouchDB was first released in 2005, but it was owned by Apache in 2008. CouchDB, originally developed with the C ++ programming language, was later translated into Erlang in 2008. Like other members, this database is a documentary database that stores data in the document using the JSON format. This database began with the slogan “A database that accepts the concept of the Web”.

You can read out the differences at a glance below:

Although the database uses MapReduce, its access is possible only through Web APIs. In order to receive documents, a Get command is sent to HTTP. Unlike other databases, which are a single master / multiple slaves, this database is a multi-master / multi slaves type database, and that this database Data is the only one that can be used in Android programming. The database management system called Futon is also available through the browser

To get started with CouchDB, you need to download the bundle from its official site. The address is the site In the download section there are packages for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Based on the personal experience of the package that runs on the Windows operating system, there are problems with installing it with problems or there may be no problems with the installation. But the packages that are available for Linux and Mac can be easily installed.

After installing the package, the CouchDB service will run automatically and will  listen to port 5984 .

There are two ways to use CouchDB:

1- Use the Futon Management Environment to be accessed at:

The overall environment for the Futon Management Interface is as follows:

2- Use the terminal like the curl tool .


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